The Halal Food Review goes live!

Salaams and Greetings

For a number of years I’ve thought about blogging about something I am passionate about… Halal Food.

Living in Birmingham we have a wealth of Halal Food outlets drawing on inspiration from South Asia, the Middle East, Europe the Far East and even Muslim twists on UK and American classics.

I’ve experienced the good, the bad and the damn right ugly. Food that takes your taste buds on a journey of wonder and food that takes your stomach to the depths of despair and back!

To help me with this blog I will be inviting guest reviews from friends and colleagues who share my passion for food.

My blog will prominently feature the Halal Food scene in Birmingham in the first instance but I will no doubt offer reviews on Halal Food outlets whilst I am on my travels up north, down south and all points in between.

A certain Arab establishment will get a chance to redeem itself before my next visit. One thing I have noticed which is a positive trend is the increasing number and variety of fish dishes appearing on menus across Birmingham. Sea Bass and Salmon are suddenly in vogue and long may it continue.
Expect the first review shortly and then a review on a weekly basis!