Three to try in Birmingham

Salaams and greetings from the halal blogosphere. As promised we are looking to introduce a few new ideas for the Halal Food Review and one of those is to recommend some of the places to eat in Birmingham that we’ve not quite got round to reviewing but would welcome reader comments on.

First on the hitlist is Nata a small Portuguese eatery in Martineau Place in Birmingham City Centre opposite the Rackhams store on Corporation Street. The food at Nata is absolutely first rate and there is a choice of set meals, tapas, paninis and desserts. The only two drawbacks of Nata are a lack of covers which can make eating in Nata a most intimate experience and secondly it is open primarily for lunch time trade. If you’re in Birmingham and you fancy something continental that isn’t Nandos then Nata is out pick of the bunch. Sadly there is no website either!

Our second recommendation comes courtesy of Birmingham’s famous graffiti artist Mohammed Ali who stumbled across the Chop and Wok a new halal Chinese concept a few doors down from the Alex Theatre in Birmingham. Chop and Wok offers a simple take out concept offering you the chop option of a salad or wrap meal or you can go for a more filling wok option which offers some classic Chinese stapes from Noodles to Rice with a choice of meat and tofu extras topped off by a flavour of your choice.

The concept is novel, again there is even less space to sit in and eat than there is at Nata but it gives city folk a great halal Chinese alternative. For more details check out their simple but very funky website at

Our final recommendation for the week is the Chennai Dosa which has been suggested to us by Walsall Arts veteran Haroon Ravat and our favourite photographer Saleem Bagasrawalla. Chennai Dosa is an established chain offering halal and vegetarian friendly restaurants across London and they have recently opened their first outlet in Birmingham on the Hagley Road bringing another halal alternative to the busy commuter and commercial route. We’ve heard mixed reviews about their food, their dosa menu is winning more plaudits than their buffet but its definitely worth a visit to try out an alternative South Indian cuisine. For more information on Chennai Dosa check out their website at

If you happen to try out any of our top three tips send us your reviews and comments, when I get round to eating with my reviewer hat on I’ll add my thoughts too.

Until the next time happy eating!

Halal – Is it meat you’re looking for.

Its been a while since we updated the blog, no we haven’t dropped off the face of the earth we’re simply dieting. Rest assured more reviews are on their way. In the meantime enjoy a classic offering from Birmingham based Faisal Hussain.

Forget food I hear you cry, this is food for the soul so get your dancing shoes on and your singing voice in tune!