Muslim Sweet Tooth

Salaams and welcome to an Easter Sunday Sweet Tooth special. If you’ve had your fill of easter eggs here is our list of recommendations to tickle that sweet tastebud! We selected our picks from London, Leicester, Birmingham and Bradford but feel free to let us know of any you rate highly that we’ve missed out!

Tinseltown – Tinseltown has four outlets in London and one in Leicester and is the original pioneer of the Muslim friendly Milkshake place, its a love it or hate it place for definitely worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime! Service, food and decor varies depending on the outlet. As well as milkshakes and desserts there is a fairly comprehensive burger and grill menu. For more information visit the Tinseltown website.

Pastry House – The go to place in Birmingham for cakes and a range of hot drinks, their Arabic tea is something special and the good news is they have had a refurbishment which has seen the ancient and uncomfortable seating and tables replaced with some funky new cushioned seats as well as some more up to date outdoor furniture just in time for the summer season! Pastry House is located on the corner of Coventry Road and Whitmore Road in the heart of the Arabic quarter.

Eis Cafe – Our second Birmingham recommendation is the best milkshake joint in Birmingham which is also located on the Coventry Road but further up near the Muntz Street Junction. Eis Cafe offers the widest choice of milkshakes, juices, smoothies and teas in Birmingham and also offers a light lunch and dessert menu. If you are in the mood for a shake and a snack Eis Cafe is the place its at. If you are planning on heading to Eis Cafe a note of positive caution it closes during congregational prayer hours.

Cafe Patisserie – Bradford may be famous for Mumtaz and its Mahmood’s King Kong Burgers but for a sweet treat try out Cafe Patisserie which has an amazing selection of Ice Cream Sundaes as well as a really comprehensive non dessert food menu. Whilst we’re pitching Bradford we are desperately in need of reviewers from Yorkshire who can help us do some food reviews in Bradford and Leeds if you know anyone who can help get in touch with us now! For more information on Cafe Patisserie check out their website

This is just a small selection off the top of our heads if you are aware of any good dessert places let us know via the comments function!