Rawal Village Review – Birmingham

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What about the review I hear you cry!

In the mood to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee we decided to take a group outing for a bite to eat. Our original plan was to visit Hamza in Lozells but we never stick to our plans so we thought this would be a good chance to try out Rawal Village on the Ladypool Road which was an easier local option to get to!

Rawal Village is now a two restaurants in one concept. The buffet restaurant which is located upstairs has been open for a number of months. The grill restaurant downstairs opened for business at the end of May. The first thing that hits you about Rawal Village is the clean and modern feel to the restaurant which is another new build which is fast becoming a trend in the city. You are greeted in the lobby area by a rather cheerful chap who points you in the direction of a soft seating area whilst your table is prepared. We came to Rawal with a view to eating downstairs at the Grill, we hadn’t skipped breakfast or lunch so didn’t quite feel up to a full buffet experience but that didn’t stop us from going upstairs to have a wonder and a peep and what was available.

The buffet set up seems fairly standard for the buffet concept, the added bonus of the Rawal Village buffet offer is that soft drinks are included in the buffet price, this is perfect for any diners who do like a glass or three of Coke to wash down their buffet! The seating area is well designed and doesn’t feel cluttered so you have ample room to enjoy your meal.

We can’t give a review of the buffet as we didn’t try it but will update the review once we get a chance to sample the buffet menu which won’t be too long!

So what about the food I hear you cry!

With four of us dining we decided to go for the rather simple option of the four person platter which came with rice, a full chicken 4 sheekh kebabs, lamb chops, chicken wings and a portion of chicken sharwarma. We also received the most attractive salad we’ve seen on Ladypool Road which included lettuce, tomatoes, sweetcorn, cucumber and jalapenos, it actually looked and tasted fresh! The four person platter costs £16.95 which is very good value.

The platter portion was generous with the highlights being the lamb chops and the chicken. It would have been helpful if the chicken had come quartered saving us the challenge of trying to cut it with our standard knives. The quality of food is comparable to many of the other establishments on the Ladypool Road and the prices are competitive. Customer service was relaxed and friendly and when it came to leaving the restaurant the staff member at the front desk was keen to ask us both what we enjoyed and what could have improved the experience which is always a nice touch. He was receptive to some of our suggestions and it leaves a positive impression with customers as they leave.

It’s too early to do a full review of the restaurant as we didn’t sample as much of the food as we would have liked to but based on our experience it is definitely an option we would consider again when dining on the Ladypool Road. We will also attempt the buffet when we have a more suitable appetite to tackle a bigger portion of food!

Based on our experience though we would recommend you give Rawal Village a try for something different on the Ladypool Road.

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