Writing for the Halal Food Review

Salaams and welcome back to the Halal Blogosphere.

One of the most frequent requests we get are from people interested in writing for the Halal Food Review. Unfortunately on most occasions that initial enthusiasm doesn’t last.  We’ve lost track of the number of people who were going to submit a review but for whatever reason were unable to do. It has had a bit of a knock on effect on here too where we have been less than brilliant in terms of getting back to people who do express a genuine interest in writing. So please do accept our apologies if you’ve written to us with an interest in writing for us and then not hearing from us. Alhamdulillah we think we have a solution!

If you are interested in writing for the Halal Food Review, we’ve outlined below a basic template for the types of things we like to have covered in a food review. So if you want to write a review, follow the guide and then submit your review to us on Facebook by sending it to us as a message. In order to do this just like our page at http://www.facebook.com/halalfoodreview which will enable you to send us a private message. We can then review your review so to speak with the view to publishing it on the site.

Writing for the Halal Food Review

There is no hard or fast rule to our reviews, all we ask is for contributors to be honest both in terms of their positive and negative feedback, neutrality is absolutely essential and we expect our reviewers to be 100% impartial. We also ask our contributors to only review restaurants that they have no personal or financial declaration of interest in. We also encourage our reviewers to add a bit of their own personality to the review to make it unique.

Restaurants are reviewed against 5 key criteria which areQuality of Food ( 1 = Poor, 10 = Excellent ):
Quality of Decor, Facilities ( 1 = Poor, 10 = Excellent )
Quality of Service ( 1 = Poor, 10 = Excellent ):
Value for Money ( 1 = Poor, 10 = Excellent ):
Overall Score ( 1 = Poor, 10 = Excellent ):

Unless a restaurant is trully exceptional or really really bad we don’t tend to see to many scores of 10 or 1. Again we ask our reviewers to ensure the narrative of the review reflects their scoring so if you think it was good tell us what made it good and vice versa if it is poor. Reviews do vary in length but we do encourage our reviewers to cover the criteria listed below. Its not a complete list feel free to adapt but it just gives you an idea of things that interest our readers.


Tell us where you are eating? Why did you choose to eat here? Who is eating with you? Where is the restaurant? What type of cuisine do they serve? Is there anything interesting we should know about the restaurant or the location that might be of interest to readers?

Tell us about the Restaurant

Where is it located? Is there car parking available? Describe the restaurant? What are your thoughts on the decor? How many covers does the restaurant seat? What are the toilet facilities like? Is it child friendly? Was it busy?

How was the Service

Did you have a positive customer service experience? Rate the waiting staff? Was complimentary water served? Were tables clean? How long did it take for you to receive your order? Did the restaurant offer flexibility to meet dietary requirements?

How was the food

Summarise the menu, what are the specialities, what did you order? How big were the portion sizes? How do you rate the quality of the food? What were the positives and weaknesses? Are there child friendly options on the menu? Was there ample choice for vegetarians?

How much did your meal cost? How do prices compare to other similar restaurants? Do you think your meal and dining experience offered value for money? What were the prices for drinks?Summary

Give us your final thoughts, explain your scores. What were the highlights and the lowlights of your experience? Would you eat there again? Would you recommend the restaurant to friends and family?If we’ve not managed to put you off yet then drop us a line via http://www.facebook.com/halalfoodreview