Send us your halal food comments, photos and videos!

Salaams from a very cold Monday morning in Brumistan! A quick blog update this morning to encourage readers to send us their photoso of their halal food experiences. They say a picture tells a thousand words and we’d like to see what our readers are eating when they are out and about.

If you would like to share photos please use our social network channels on Facebook and Twitter so that you can connect with our wider Halal Food Review community. Its a wonderful way of finding out about new places to eat, places to avoid as well as being part of a wider conversation that we can’t always replicate via the website. We will be sharing reader photos via the website on a regular basis too. So now its even easier to be an active part of the Halal Food Review community. You don’t have to write reviews just send us your photos!

To share your photos via Facebook visit
To share your photos via Twitter either follow us @halalfoodreview or tag us using #halalfoodreview

One final note, we’ve added sharing buttons to all our posts so please do share the Halal Food Review website with family, friends and colleagues. The wider our reach the more diverse we can make our content. If you haven’t joined us on Facebook or Twitter it only takes a moment.

Until the next time, happy eating!