Birmingham Halal Food Restaurant Websites – Updated

Salaams and a warm welcome to all our Halal Food Review readers old and new in 2012. One of the most common requests we have from our readers is if a halal restaurant has a website or not so we thought we would start a series posts which would list restaurant websites by their city. We’re going to start with our favourite restaurants in Birmingham. If we miss any out just complete the form at the bottom of this post and we will add a link. This will be a continously updated resource so that you have a A to Z guide to good Halal food anytime you need it.

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Abu Zayd Arabian Grill and Steakhouse
Website coming soon
0121 773 5646

Al Faisals
0121 449 5695

Al Frash
0121 753 3120

Bader Restaurant
0121 766 5799

Chennai Dosa
0121 454 1111

Chicago Burger Company Under development

Chop N Wok
0121 643 6430 Queensway Branch
0121 634 3977 Cannon Street Branch
0121 423 4060 Sutton Coldfield Branch

Desi by Imlees

Desi Khana Restaurant
0121 778 4450

Fargo’s Food Factory

Grameen Khana
0121 449 9994

Haveli Restuarant
0121 773 4555

Imlees Restaurant
0121 449 4335

Ismail’s Grill
0121 706 3355

La Favorita Italian Restaurant
0121 771 4112

Mogo Grill
0121 705 9864

Mughal E Azam
0121 777 9348

Peri Peri Grill
0121 328 0348

Royal Watan
0121 471 1713

Shahi Masala Buffet Restaurant
0121 783 4121

0121 454 9911

Yaqub’s Steakhouse

If we’ve forgotten to add one of your favourites to the list send us their details via the form below and we will add it to the directory.

Shiraz Food Review – Birmingham

Salaams Blogosphere. Today’s Halal Food Review is our first guest review on the site submitted by Haroon Ravat who has accompanied me on many a culinary adventure across the West Midlands. So sit back and enjoy our first review of traditional Iranian cuisine in the heart of Birmingham.

Over to you Haroon Bhai!

To start with I am no expert on Persian cuisine. Birmingham only has around 4 Iranian restaurants in total and Shiraz is reputedly the best of them.

The aim was to go and try the tour-de-force of Iranian cooking – Khoresht Faisinjan. Sadly they only serve this delicacy on weekends and on Iranian national holidays and I went on a Thursday. Gutted.

The restaurant appears to be a family-run establishment on the busy Hagley Road out of Edgbaston. Quaint, sophisticated but not pretentious either.  The staff are friendly and welcoming.

But what about the food I hear you ask?

My Iranian friends swear by Chello Kebab Koobideh. This is their equivalent of the Indo-Pak sheikh kebab. But similarities aside, this is a different product altogether. The flavours are far more subtle using delicate herbs and spices instead of the weapons-grade green chillis that desis often utilize.  We adapted this main course listing as a starter and it went down very well.

For our main meal, we ordered a grilled sea bass and a combination of Jooje (chicken) and Barg (lamb) kebabs with saffron flavoured rices. Most dishes come with an excellent combo of salad and grilled vegetables.

The fish was expertly grilled and presented on a bed of choice salads. Flaky, moist and delicate like all bass ought to be.

The chicken kebabs were beautifully roasted on a charcoal grill. Tender yet still well done. The lamb kebabs scored an acceptable second place.

I have a confession – Iranian naan breads are superior to the ones we are familiar with. They appear to be made with a healthier brown flour and aren’t hammered with yeast or lashings of ghee. Very natural in taste and texture. Excellent with humous.

The menu does appear to be a little on the pricey side.  However the portions are very generous. By ordering a combination of two or three main courses, a group of 4 of us ate like kings for a little over 60 pounds which isn’t bad going for a classy establishment like Shiraz.

With a complimentary offering of Iranian rice pudding (sholezard) to finish of the meal I would thoroughly recommend Shiraz to the halal muncher who aspires for something a little different.

Quality of Food 8

Quality of Service 8

Quality of Space 6 [ Ask for a table at the back of the restuarant ]

Price 7

Overall Score 7.5